Vintage in Pills NINA RICCI Spring 2005 - Fashion Channel

Vintage in Pills NINA RICCI Spring 2005 – Fashion Channel

Explore Lars Nilsson’s triumphant third collection for Nina Ricci, where lace, lingerie, and ladylike suits merge seamlessly in a stunning display of sophistication. In a beautiful color palette of orchid, pebble, and blush, Nilsson crafts a vision of spring that balances elegance with casual allure.

From slim top-stitched taffeta skirt suits to casual combinations of cardigans and silk blouses, each piece exudes a timeless charm. Standout elements include jackets cut close to the body and dresses draped with precision, showcasing the meticulous handwork and couture-like details that define the collection.

While the show may have benefited from a stricter edit, the love and respect for craftsmanship shine through in every embroidery, lace trim, and ribboned detail. Join us as we celebrate the fusion of tradition and innovation in Nina Ricci’s Spring 2005 collection.

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