SIMONE ROCHA Best Looks Fall 2024 London - Fashion Channel

SIMONE ROCHA Best Looks Fall 2024 London – Fashion Channel

Step into Simone Rocha’s mesmerizing SS 2024 collection, where desire meets mortality in a hauntingly beautiful display. Set in the historic St. Bartholomew’s Church, Rocha explores themes of sex, death, and mourning with delicate corsetry, faux fur accents, and rich textures.

Inspired by Queen Victoria’s mourning attire and Jean Paul Gaultier’s archives, Rocha crafts a collection that is both provocative and restrained. Corsetry shapes nylon parkas and sheer jackets, while faux-fur details add whimsy.

Textured fabrics like crushed velvet and lurex-shot knit evoke a sense of opulence tinged with decay. Spectral canine-shaped bags and fur-adorned shoes add a touch of the macabre.

"The Wake" marks the conclusion of Rocha’s three-part collection cycle, offering a seductive yet dangerous farewell to themes of beauty and mortality.

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