DAVID KOMA Best Looks Fall 2024 London - Fashion Channel

DAVID KOMA Best Looks Fall 2024 London – Fashion Channel

Step into the captivating world of David Koma’s Fall Collection 2024, where fashion meets dance in a stunning display of creativity and elegance. Inspired by iconic figures in dance such as Pina Bausch and Candela Capitán, Koma’s latest collection pays homage to the art of movement and expression.

From sleek black and white ensembles reminiscent of dancewear to elegant evening gowns with ballet-inspired details, each piece exudes sophistication and grace. Tutus are reimagined with feathered hems and chiffon shrugs, while tailored pieces take on a structured form with neoprene and plume-adorned accents.

Intricate hand-spun creations adorned with vibrant graphic designs showcase Koma’s attention to detail, while shearling accents and chunky knitted stoles add texture and depth to the collection. And, true to Koma’s signature style, garments sparkle with rock-size crystals, adding a touch of glamour to every look.

Complete with satin slingbacks and boots embellished with playful plumes, the collection invites you to embrace your inner party-girl with a nod to dance-inspired flair. Join us as we delve into David Koma’s world of fashion and movement, where every step is a celebration of style and expression

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